older man with grandchildWhy Living Close to Family Is Important

As you consider your senior living options, it’s likely you’ll start by looking at location. Not just a setting or city you think you’d enjoy but a location near family members. If you live in or around Huntsville, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Whether you choose Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care for a loved one, sticking close to kin has plenty of upsides.

Many of the benefits of living near family are obvious. 

  • You’ll spend more time together. 
  • You’ll stay within your most reliable support system. 
  • You’ll form healthy relationships with different generations. 

If that’s not enough, read on. This article will present in more detail the reasons to live near family. Here, we’ll address the benefits to older adults. But the fact is, when family lives nearby, it’s good for you no matter your age.

10 Reasons To Live Near Family

1. You’ll Bond with Grandkids and Great-Grandkids.
Having younger generations nearby means spending more quality time together. You’ll learn about their lives, know their friends and help them grow. Likewise, you’ll pass on family stories. The more grandparent-grandkid time, the better.

2. When It Comes to Family: The More, The Merrier.
There’s some evidence that larger families are happier. While most studies focus on the number of children born into an immediate family, some say that cousins are like extra siblings. So, spending time near family may actually change your overall mood for the better.

3. You Are a Trusted Babysitter.
If you have children, and they have children (and they have children), you’re a valued member of the babysitting team. Make yourself available to mind little ones. Few things are more rewarding.

4. It’s Easier To Spoil Grandkids.
And nieces and nephews. And even your grown children. It’s so much better seeing happy faces react in person rather than hearing about it over the phone.

5. You Never Have To Worry About Being Alone in an Emergency.
If you’ve chosen to live in a senior living community that offers care services in addition to independent living, you have a plan in place for senior care.

Still, in many situations, family is better. Maybe you’re having a medical procedure and want moral support. Or you have a simple doctor’s appointment and want an advocate to accompany you.

6. You Get To Enjoy Family Dinners.
A home-cooked meal surrounded by loved ones can be an incomparable joy. What’s more, your senior living community will likely have a talented chef and a lovely dining room. You can invite family members to dine with you there.

7. There’s No Need To Travel Far for Holidays.
According to aarp.com, 67 percent of adults feel happy just thinking about spending time with family and friends over the holidays. Living nearby makes it easier with less packing, no long drives on snowy or icy roads, or making your way through crowded airports.

8. You Can Easily Relive Favorite Memories.
Family is your best connection to the past. You’ve had experiences together – happy and sad – that no one else can share. Through photo albums, heirlooms and family stories, the unique lifelong connection of family is part of what makes us, well, us.

9. You Can Leave Get-Togethers Early.
You might get tuckered out or would rather not stay for after-dinner drinks. Either way, when you choose senior housing nearby, you’re just a short trip back to your own place.

10. You Never Have To Look Far for Loving Support.
Any time you’re just feeling down or having to deal with an unexpected blow, you know you the people who care most are waiting with arms open for a nice big hug.

Choosing the Right Senior Living for You

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