The Financial Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community

Making the move to senior living has never been smarter or more economical.

Maybe you already know where you want to live, or perhaps you’re just getting started with your research into senior living communities. If you’re considering a transition into community life, you should know what you’ll gain from it.

Read on to learn more about the financial benefits of moving to a senior living community.

Determining Care Needs and Lifestyle Preferences

Knowing what you or your loved one needs is crucial to planning for senior living. The first step to narrowing down your search is to make a list of your wants and needs. Then you can visit the community, discuss the cost of senior living, and learn more about what the community offers.

Here are a few of the financial benefits of moving to a senior living community:

Household Bookkeeping, Upkeep and Maintenance

The cost of household maintenance is well-known to homeowners. And depending on where and how you live, you might have to pay a mortgage payment, property taxes, utility fees, or HOA fees as part of owning and maintaining a home. Landscaping and lawn care, gutter cleaning, sprinkler systems, and other exterior services can be included in the additional costs. These are things like HVAC tune-ups. When appliances break and need to be repaired in the home, it can be expensive to pay for these services.

Besides simplifying finances, senior living communities also provide added peace of mind, knowing everything is handled by the community’s staff.

On-Site 24-Hour Support

Support is a priority for senior living communities, and while it can be received at home, senior communities offer prompt care around the clock. As residents might need support at any time, this added care is a great benefit.

Services, Amenities and Activities

Consider how much a person spends on recreation, gym memberships, or entertainment from week to week. The truth is that part of what makes going and doing things fun is that we get to do them within our social circle.

Socialization is a major focus of most senior living communities. Activities and outings are planned in many retirement communities to make retirement fun, meaningful and social. This is one of the many benefits senior living communities offer.

Events and activities can include:

  • Museum visits
  • Farmers market visits
  • Programs and groups for crafts
  • Exercising or improving motor skills
  • Live music

A fitness center, library, beauty salon/barbershop, and crafting studio are a few of the on-site amenities some communities offer. A senior living in their own home would normally have to pay extra for these amenities and activities, but in a senior community, they’re often just outside your door.

Residences at Wellpoint Redefines What It Means To Age Well

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