Senior Doing Yoga Aging Gracefully

How to Age Gracefully the Wellpoint Way

When it comes to health and wellness, many seniors are beginning to lead the way in what it means to age gracefully. Why is this? They want to live active, engaging, and fulfilling lives both now and in the future, no matter what comes their way. This is why it’s important to focus on fitness, proper nutrition, and well-being as you age. At Residences at Wellpoint, it’s easy to do just that!

“Here, it’s easy to focus on what it means to age gracefully,” says Allison Yancey, Executive Director of Residences at Wellpoint, an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Huntsville, Alabama. “Wellpoint is a revolutionary new wellness community that was specifically created for health-conscious trailblazers, helping them to celebrate healthy living through innovative wellness, engagement, and freedom of choice. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to rejuvenate the spirit, restore well-being, live a healthier and happier lifestyle, or all of the above!”


Aging Gracefully, the Wellpoint Way

Residences at Wellpoint is the gateway to a meaningful, graceful aging experience. Here, residents can live an inspiring life, become their best selves, and live each day to the fullest, no matter if they live independently or could benefit from the supportive lifestyle options we offer.

What’s the secret? Wellpoint’s approach to aging! If you’re interested in learning more about aging gracefully and how our lifestyle can help you live well, love well and be well, check out our tips below.

Fitness, Exercise and Staying Active

Staying healthy starts with getting active, exercising, and focusing on fitness. After all, if your body isn’t functioning properly, you can’t live life to the fullest! Begin an exercise routine, go for more walks, or learn more about how Wellpoint helps residents meet, exceed, and make the most of their fitness goals.

Here, residents enjoy access to the Via Center, where state-of-the-art wellness is at the very center of it all. At the Via Center, residents can take advantage of a variety of services and amenities to help them stay healthy, fit, and active, including:

  • Health coaching
  • Risk assessments
  • Personal training
  • Yoga and meditation
  • And so much more!

This helps residents take control of their health while ensuring they can maintain their independence as long as possible.

Enhanced Nutrition, Enhanced Health

 A healthy body and mind are enhanced by proper nutrition and health. Strive to eat nutrient-rich and fresh meals. Eat plenty of lean meats, leafy greens, and whole grains. It can also help to talk to a nutritionist or dietitian.

To ensure our residents are making healthy and informed choices, we offer an array of services to assist them. These include:

  • Best-in-class dining with nutritious and delicious meals
  • Wellness and nutritional coaching
  • Cooking demonstrations to help residents create culinary masterpieces at home
  • Cooking classes to help residents prepare healthy and tasty dishes

Well-Being and Wellness: Tying it All Together

Staying social and connected, as well as engaging in lifelong learning, is important through all stages of life. Consider joining a social club, volunteering, or taking a variety of classes to expose yourself to new things, meet new people, and continue growing.

Each day, residents at Wellpoint can enjoy cultural, social, recreational, culinary, and fitness opportunities along with wellness programming, lectures, and more. They are also able to enjoy coworker spaces, inviting those of all ages to collaborate, innovate, socialize, connect and learn. All of this and more combine to provide an enriching experience for those in any stage of their aging journey.

For more information about Residences at Wellpoint or how we can help you or a loved one age gracefully, the Wellpoint way, please contact us today. We would be happy to schedule a time to speak to you or help you learn more! Give us a call today at ​256.274.5312.

Where It All Comes Together

At Residences at Wellpoint, we provide an exceptional experience for those who desire Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care in the Huntsville area. As part of the broader Wellpoint Community “campus,” we cultivate an engaged, intergenerational community unlike any other. Here, we celebrate well-being with an array of social programs, innovative on-site medical technology, a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and so much more.

Here, our residents enjoy complete freedom of choice as well as the ability to plan their days however they choose. This is because we take the tedious routines of everyday life off your hands so that you can enjoy your life any way you wish. Go on an outing, enjoy the community, get fit in the Via Center, enjoy our dining bistro, or shoot a game of pool in the sports/billiards bar. It’s all waiting for you.

No matter what your needs are, we can meet them. Our lifestyle philosophy supports every need along your journey, whether you desire independent living, need the assistance of our Assisted Living program, or begin to need memory support. However your needs may change, we offer on-site medical assistance and supportive services so you can continue enjoying the engaging lifestyle you love. Contact us to learn more!

Call us at ​256.274.5312 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.