How Our Values Help Seniors Thrive and Live Healthy and Happy Lives

How Our Values Help Seniors Thrive and Live Healthy and Happy Lives

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize they just need more. More excitement, opportunities and possibilities. A point where you want to have everything you need to thrive and live a happy, healthy life. For today’s seniors, Residences at Wellpoint has been designed for just that.

“We offer a new, innovative model for senior living that’s designed for older adults who want to engage and interact rather than rest and react,” says Allison Yancey, Executive Director of Residences at Wellpoint, an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Huntsville, Alabama. “Our lifestyle is one that pairs hospitality and health care in a way that redefines the future of aging. Our planned environment is connected to the broader community by offering engaging programming for all age groups. We envision this as a place where people want to live, not simply have to live.”

Our Values: Rooted in Tradition, Inspired by Innovation

Even though Residences at Wellpoint is a new community, our roots run deep. Our parent company, Charter Senior Living, is well known throughout the nation as a high-quality provider of communities where older adults enjoy a true sense of purpose by leading happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. This experience has helped shape Residences at Wellpoint as the perfect place to live (and age) well because our lifestyle addresses all areas of well-being: emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, financial and physical.

How do we accomplish this? Our core value pillars are designed to help today’s seniors live the best life possible and age well at the same time.

Wellness Programming

Our wellness programming goes beyond excellent medical treatment. It focuses on the whole person – mind, body and spirit – with an emphasis on recovery, restoration and prevention. Whole-person wellness has long been touted as the best way to improve and maintain overall health at any age and any stage of life. We don’t want our residents to simply be healthy. We want them to thrive.

Community Life

Our community is a place to live, work and play – and that includes everyone, not just our residents. Our walkable community has wide neighborhood access to our entire campus and beyond. Five-star amenities are within moments of your front door, as are opportunities for integration and connection between all age groups. This will create a more dynamic synergy with our local community – and provide opportunities for seniors to socialize and form deep, lasting relationships.

Freedom of Choice

Life at Residences at Wellpoint is all about choices – choices for those who want to change the course of how they live, work, play, grow and age, all while enjoying best-in-class living, dining, entertainment, hospitality, services, amenities and so much more. Whether it’s the type of residence you desire, the way you take care of your health or how you fill your day, you have control over your own lifestyle – always.

Living in Place

While other communities say that you’re able to “age in place” there, we prefer to say that Residences at Wellpoint allows you to “live in  place.” We offer every level of service on our campus, from Independent Living and Assisted Living to Memory Care. It’s a way of life that supports active living, increased health span, well-being, healthy nutrition and movement.

Evidence-Based Research

At Residences, you are part of something bigger than yourself. Our community of experts and conscious consumers is intentionally committed to creating and testing new products, programs and ways to age well. In other words, we’re bringing the future of aging into the present.

“Our value pillars are what allow us to forge a naturally inspired healthier and more collaborative way of life for today’s seniors,” says Allison. “It’s exciting and inspiring to help today’s seniors – and our future residents – create the best possible lifestyle to help them age well.”

Where It All Comes Together

At Residences at Wellpoint, we provide an exceptional experience for those who desire Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care in the Huntsville area, creating an engaged community unlike any other. Here, we celebrate well-being with an array of social programs; innovative, on-site medical technology; a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and so much more.

Here, our residents enjoy complete freedom of choice as well as the ability to plan their days however they choose. This is because we take the tedious routines of everyday life off your hands so that you can enjoy your life any way you wish. Go on an outing, enjoy the community, get fit in the fitness center, enjoy our dining bistro or shoot a game of pool in the sports/billiards bar. It’s all waiting for you.

No matter what your needs are, we can meet them. Our lifestyle philosophy supports every need along your journey, whether you desire Independent Living, need the assistance of our Assisted Living program, or begin to need Memory Care. However your needs may change, we offer on-site medical assistance and supportive services so you can continue enjoying the engaging lifestyle you love. 

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