Complete Freedom for All Your Needs

Life at Wellpoint is always full of choices, and here, you’re in control of your own lifestyle. Whether it’s the type of residence you desire, your health and wellness choices or how you spend your days, you have complete freedom to choose.

Living in Place

Because everything you need and desire is in one place, you can focus on enjoying everything we have to offer instead of worrying about needing to move as needs change. With us, you are empowered to enjoy rich, rewarding lives, full of freedom, choice and experiences that ignite and rejuvenate the spirit while restoring well-being. From Boutique Hospitality and Customized Villas to Assisted Living and Memory Care, we are here to meet both you and your family’s needs.

Independent Living Assisted Living Memory Care

Residences at Wellpoint


2940 Mill Run Road SE
Hampton Cove, AL 35763