Residences at Wellpoint brings high-quality Memory Care to Huntsville, AL. Featuring our exclusive FlourishSM Memory Care Program, residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are empowered to live as purposefully, independently, and happily as possible for as long as possible.

Our unique – and proven – Memory Care programming promotes enriching, engaging living by emphasizing individual abilities, strengths, passions, and joys. Scroll to learn more about our exclusive Memory Care programming.


Our goal for residents inspired the name of our Memory Care Program. FlourishSM Memory Care is rooted in the belief – and supported by leading-edge research – that people living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss can grow and flourish regardless of where they may be on their journeys.

Flourish programming addresses our memory residents’ unique needs and provides them with support, loving care and personalized programming that honors who they are and where they are in their journeys. Quite simply, we provide them with everything they need to ensure they flourish.


Our one-of-a-kind approach brings an experience for our residents like no other. The simplicity of our programming is what makes it understandable for our residents, our families and our staff. FlourishSM uses these five pillars to plan days that create an engaging, consistent and supportive environment for our residents.

VELOCITY – A consistent offering of traditional activities that appeal to the seven core areas of programming. Velocity is our daily activities programming that sets the speed and direction for our residents’ days.

OSHIBORI EXPERIENCE – A daily routine activity that provides a consistent reminder for meal times while providing aroma therapy.

GRAB-AND-GO NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVITIES – Impromptu activities specialized to smaller groups and individual needs.

S.T.A.R. – Specific Therapeutic Assisted Recreation is a family-oriented program that allows our families to bring in personal, reminiscent-type items to share with their family members.

REST AND RESTORATION – A care-staff-led intervention program that provides stimulation and redirection with four sensory components, including: audio, video, engagement and comfort interventions.

Our comprehensive Memory Care Program emphasizes our core belief that people with memory loss can enjoy meaningful, fulfilling lives, so we provide them with everything they need to ensure they flourish:

Exclusive Programming

Therapeutic, structured daily activities
are based on residents’ individual
strengths that are focused on Wellness & Well-Being.

Exclusive Programming

Residents enjoy specially developed group activities that provide Socialization & Engagement as well as sensory stimulation.

Exclusive Programming

We promote Rest & Restoration by creating a calm, supportive environment. Using personalized, technological interventions – such as nostalgic music on headphones – helps to manage challenging behaviors.

Exclusive Programming

Meaningful Relationships are important. With close resident-caregiver-family relationships, we build familiarity, trust and connection.

Exclusive Programming

Nutrition is vital to those with memory loss. We provide healthy, delicious menus with an array of services and sensory experiences.

Exclusive Programming

The Support of our specially trained caregivers helps each resident achieve a sense of fulfillment and success.

Exclusive Programming

Our Environment and design provides a sense of home and belonging, positively impacts behavior and encourages interaction while reducing stress.

Exclusive Programming

We empower residents to gain a Sense of Purpose and success throughout their days.

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