A New Year, A New Lifestyle for Today’s New Retirees: Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care at Residences at Wellpoint

A New Year, A New Lifestyle for Today’s New Retirees: Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care at Residences at Wellpoint

“The new year encourages our caregivers to adopt a new understanding of how we can better serve our Charter Wellpoint Residences at Wellpoint’s members,” says Allison Yancey, Executive Director of Residences at Wellpoint, an Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Huntsville, Alabama. “We are taking into account all we have learned this past year and are actively working to blend our senior living with all the needs and services our community members need us to provide.”

“Within our community at Residences at Wellpoint, we are honored to provide our seniors with three major care areas. These include Independent Living, Memory Care, and Assisted Living. Based on the needs of the individual resident, it is then at their discretion which lifestyle will best suit their needs,” says Allison. “We are hoping that by taking some time to better communicate these services, our prospective residents in the new year will be better equipped with questions to be answered by our amazing team.”

If you are looking for a new lifestyle Where It All Comes Together and allows you to redefine the future of aging, take a moment to refresh yourself with the care and services we can provide you, your family, and/or, your loved ones.

Independent Living

Our future residents within the Independent Living community love to celebrate their personal well-being. To achieve 360-degree wellness, you must take into account all seven areas. These include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational. Although you have finally made it to the relaxing part of your senior years where mindfulness can finally be a priority, it is important to still keep an active mind, body, and social life. We, at Residences at Wellpoint, work to make these seven areas of health second nature.

One of the most exciting ways we ensure our Independent Living members’ well-being is a priority is through a celebration of healthy senior living through innovative, meaningful, and engaging community activities. Our mission is to guide our members through the freedom of choice as they reap the benefits of a liberating, independent lifestyle. Say goodbye to your old, mundane routines, and focus on ways to make your senior years full of excitement and heartfelt connections.

For a detailed virtual tour of our Independent Living floor plans, visit our independent living page.

Assisted Living

As we progress further into our senior years, it is crucial to consider your future self. Here at Residences at Wellpoint, we want to be there to support you in all stages of your senior years. When describing our Assisted Living support that will be offered when we open this February, our caregivers love to emphasize how beautifully our community will be able to blend the comforts of home, exceptional services, and expert wellness-focused care. Through our caregivers’ support, we work to empower our residents to feel the love and respect they deserve every day, no matter the assistance they may need.

Another unique area of our Residences at Wellpoint Assisted Living lifestyle is that we provide our new residents with a health assessment in partnership with their family members and physicians. By taking the proper precautions and time to learn all this valuable information about our community members, we are better able to properly assist and provide care. These personalized services and care plans are created to ensure residents can enjoy the enriching activities, services, and amenities we provide.

To better understand what Assisted Living care we can offer you or a loved one, visit our Assisted Living page.

Memory Care

We are honored to say our Memory Care residents flourish in our comprehensive program where our mission is to provide our residents with the tools they need to enjoy a meaningful, fulfilling life. Our specialized, unique neighborhood can ease some of the worry associated with a caretaker providing the support a loved one once had. We want our residents and their families to know their loved one is safe and surrounded by the most empathetic and compassionate caregivers.

We have perfectly crafted an emotionally uplifting environment where safety and tranquility are of utmost importance. Additionally, we are proud to provide our residents with an enclosed, beautifully landscaped courtyard to reap the benefits of spending time outdoors.

To assist in any questions concerning our Memory Care lifestyle, visit our Memory Care page.

Use the new year to take advantage of a new lifestyle. We understand that the needs of our seniors are changing every year, and we work to actively adapt and provide for those needs as they present themselves.

Where It All Comes Together

At Residences at Wellpoint, we provide an exceptional experience for those who desire Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care in the Huntsville area. As part of the broader Wellpoint Community “campus,” we cultivate an engaged, intergenerational community unlike any other. Here, we celebrate well-being with an array of social programs; innovative, on-site medical technology; a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and so much more.

Here, our residents enjoy complete freedom of choice as well as the ability to plan their days however they choose. This is because we take the tedious routines of everyday life off your hands so that you can enjoy your life any way you wish. Go on an outing, enjoy the community, or get fit. It’s all waiting for you.

No matter what your needs are, we can meet them. Our lifestyle philosophy supports every need along your journey, whether you desire Independent Living, need the assistance of our Assisted Living program, or begin to need Memory Care. However your needs may change, we offer on-site medical assistance and supportive services so you can continue enjoying the engaging lifestyle you love. Contact us to learn more!

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